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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!



Total Hip Replacement for fracture

Dr. Adam Bright is an excellent surgeon and a wonderful, caring person. My husband and I deeply appreciated his extensive knowledge, as well as his generous time answering questions. Before surgery, Dr. Bright and the anesthesiologist conferred with me and came up with an excellent plan. Working with Dr. Bright, I always felt valued as a person and very well taken care of as a patient! When I have questions, I have called Dr. Rose Bright directly and she is an excellent, delightful physician and a very strong patient advocate.


JAMES B 7/1/2019

Total knee replacement

Dr. Bright replaced my knee. EVERYTHING WAS OUTSTANDING. He was the best provider possible. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues.



Dr. Bright made me feel like he was MY surgeon. I didn't have to compete for his time or attention. I underwent hip replacement surgery with all of my concerns addressed and questions answered. I am confident that I made the right choice. If joint replacement is in your future. Let Dr. Bright stop the pain. Just do it!



For Dr. Bright: Thanks for the promise of a better tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow started last July, when I decided to lose flab and get in shape. I was enthusiastically line dancing in the pool when I felt that familiar flash of pain and knew that within minutes my left knee would tighten up and begin to throb. I knew that I had reached the point of no return on that fateful day. This time the searing pain was different and unrelenting. I was beginning to walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and was forced to limit my activities, creeping timidly through life. I had to do something. I couldn't continue to live my life that way. "Osteoarthritis," Dr. Bright said. "Look at the X-Ray. Your joint is bone on bone and the knee cap has fused." I sat and stared at the ghostly image on the light board in front of me. "Your balance is off, too. I could see that as you walked down the hall. You need a total knee replacement." As scheduled, at 7:30a.m. a few months later, they wheeled me into an operating theatre which seemed more like a refrigerator. Everyone was wearing space suits to prevent infection, so I expected Dr. Spock to enter at any moment. After surgery, my leg felt stiff, heavy, and sore. On the third day I was transferred to a rehab facility, the nexus where I met tomorrow head on. I graduated from the walker to a cane, and thereafter continued my rehabilitation as an outpatient. I continued to improve a bit each day, so there was a light at the end of that tunnel. I am doing well now, four months out from surgery. They tell me that I will eventually dance with abandon, walk on the beach at sunset, and run after a giggling grandchild. I choose to live for the best of today, and embrace the promise of recovery that is the tip of a better tomorrow.



Thank you for putting Humpty Dumpty together again and congratulations on qulifying for The boston marathon. Dropping off a gift on Thursday. Great work on my hip replacement, from an ex jock who always keeps the hope alive.



Eight years ago, I started to have a pain in my right hip. The Doctor told me I needed a hip replacement. I went to see Dr. Adam Bright, and found out that my hip was bare (had lost all of its cartilage). I had my hip replacement on 12/18/2008, and am very grateful. Dr. Adam Bright did a very good job. I can now walk normally, pain free. Thank you for helping me walk!



I have had the fortunate opportunity to have three surgeries performed by Dr. Bright. He has done a fractured hip, hip replacement and total knee replacement. I am ever so grateful for a job well done. I am in my sixth week following the knee replacement and have total motion. The out-patient therapists have said this is "poster child" knee surgery. One of the best they have ever seen. It is so great to have confidence with the surgeon doing the surgery. And with Dr. Bright I truly have that confidence. Thanks Dr. Bright.



Dr. Bright repaired my hip fracture. I just wanted to thank him for everything he did for me. It is certainly unexpected, and more appreciated than he will ever know. With a son to be 3 years old in my home, it has become more important for me to be active. My family and I are in your debt.



My son had a rare congenital fusion in his ankle. After several years of on/off limping, numerous doctors, nondefinitive diagnoses we came across Dr. Bright. Within minutes of seeing our son he suspected this rare congenital fusion. Although Dr. Bright was not trained to do the surgery for this condition, he did get us on the road to diagnosis, surgery, and recovery. I am very appreciative that we found Dr. Bright. If the condition had continued undetected, the bones would have fused completely and surgery to create a better functioning joint would not have been possible.



On March 1, 2010 I had the knee resurfacing procedure done and I'm so pleased at how well I'm doing. My staples come out today. I wanted to write something, to encourage you to listen to what the doctor is saying before hand and then DO IT! I had been swimming and although didn't lose much weight, had gotten toned and I'm so thankful for that. Of course, could/should have done more for myself and know that now. The exercises they tell you to do before surgery are exactly the same as afterwards so if you've done them, it will be an easier recovery. So, lose that weight, exercise and get in shape before surgery so your recovery is shorter and less painful. When I have to get my other knee done, this will all be in place since I will have practiced what I've learned.



About 5 years ago I came to Dr. Bright to help me figure out what was wrong with my feet. Growing up I had a small fourth toe on both feet. This caused my weight to be shifted to my other toes causing me discomfort. Dr. Bright was able to diagnose me with brachymetatarsia and he immediatly began to do research of how he could help me. After only 3 surgeries my toes had be lengthened to the proper length and I had never been happier. I had grown up constantly being questioned about my feet and now, not once since 2007 has a single person asked me, "What is wrong with your feet?". Thank you Dr. Bright for everything you did for me!



I should have visited the site sooner to say thank you! After 20 years of pain and doctors unable to determine the cause, Dr. Bright preformed total hip replacement surgery. I had been warned about the pain I would be feeling post-op but the following day when the hospital staff got me up for my first walk I was amazed. While there was some pain at the surgical site, the pain in the hip itself was gone. I was able to walk better than I had in a number of years and was thrilled! Dr. Bright made me feel as if I was his only patient and he had all the time in the world to explain each step to me. I was completely confident going in that the outcome would be positive. The staff at his office was also attentive. It didn't surprise me at all when on her last visit my rehab nurse told me that Dr. Bright is the doctor she uses for her sons who are athletic and need attention at times. Two months after surgery I was walking on the boardwalk at Nokomis beach and caught up to a gentleman hobbling along with his cane. He told me he had hip replacement 8 months before and was slowly starting to get better. I didn't have the heart to tell him when I had had mine. Recently a friend I had referred to Dr. Bright had knee replacement surgery and she is thrilled.



Hi Doc, 11 weeks out from surgery and I entered my first race at Ft. Desoto. 11th overall, and first in my age group! I am passing this on to you because you helped make this happen, and I knew it would put a smile on your face. You are a big time champ, and I can't say enough. I hope all is well with you, your family, practice, and crazy endurance racing.



I had both knees of my knees replaced just 2 weeks ago by Dr. Bright. I am amazed (as is everyone else) by my superior progress. I am walking, even up flights of stairs, and have no pain or problems. The surgery and rehabilitation went well and it has been an overall positive experience. Dr. Bright is extremely professional and caring and obviously highly adept at replacing knees. I am so grateful to him and the incredible staff at Sarasota Memorial Hospital who have given me back the ability to walk without horrible pain and resume a better quality of life. With their expertise and encouragement, I look forward to exercising more, losing weight and enjoying life to its fullest.



Dr. Bright, thank you for giving me my life back. Before you gave me the Styker Hip Replacement I was in pain with every step I took. You have returned me to the world. I was shut up in the house, in pain, doing nothing but being miserable. But now I can walk and ride my bike, I am exersizing and soon I will find a job. Thank you sir, for literally giving me back my life.



Nine months ago today my right femur crumbled under me. How blessed I am to have Dr. Bright as my surgeon. His patience, empathy, astuteness, warmth and encouraging manner helped me and my large family conquer the nighmare of my life. I will always be very grateful that I met Dr. Bright. 9/22/2010.



I'm the one that came in with that very bad hip needing surgery, and Dr. Bright gave me an injection in my hip. Well, really, I don't know how to thank him. I have NO pain, no cane, and walk like everyone else. All I want to do is say thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a "new life."



It is with deep gratitude that I write about my experience. Words alone cannot express my thanks for Dr. Bright's compassionate and expert care of my injury. I truly do not know what I would have done if it were not for his prompt attention and surgery that allowed me to return to an active lifestyle. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.



Dr Bright was the light at the end of a dark hole. When I met him for the first time, I felt safe in his care. I was very afraid, but he convinced me to proceed. He gave me step by step information about my surgery. He was so nice. I thank God for Dr. Adam Bright. He gave me my life back. I can shop, attend functions, go to football games,and go out to dinner (things I hadn't done in years). When I think about it and even as I type this review, I tear up. I had my surgery on Jan.15,2009. When I woke up, I noticed a dozen peach roses on a table. And guess what? They were from Dr.Bright. I love him for being a great surgeon and a great person. I know there are many great surgeons, but thank you God once again for Dr.Bright.



It has been 6 months since I had my hip replacement (August of 2010). Not only did Dr. Bright cure my hip pain, but he also restored the length of my leg. From day one, it healed and felt very good. What a job! Thank you very much, Dr. Bright!



Thank you for all you have done for me. Your efforts made me so much better. I am doing so well now after my hip replacement, and am free of pain. You have shown yourself to be a great listener and excellent explainer. You are a caring person. There is more to you than your excellent professional skills and talent, since I know that you really care about me. I have felt comfort from you, which (amazingly) relieves my normal anxiety. You are the best of the medical profession. God bless. 3/15/2010.



Submission: 5/26/2011. For over a year I have wanted to say Thank You to the best surgeon ever!! I suffered with bad hips for so many years and the pain aged me so. Doctor Bright replaced one hip and the other got so painful that I begged to have it replaced asap...and it was done. What an experience!! Dr Bright is so amazing, the experience at both Doctors' Hospital and rehab at SBC successfully allowed me to function on my own, pain and cane free, in a few short weeks..Dr Bright is a genius and I am sad that it has taken so long to say "Thank you, dear Dr. Bright for a job well done...and I still love your ties" really feel 10 years younger now...Blessings...



6/3/2011: Dr. Bright, When you replaced my hip two years ago I remember you telling me that the average patient instead of losing weight actually gains 10 lbs within a year! I was determined not to let that happen to me, and once I got serious I did start losing. I am now down almost 35 lbs! But the really good news for me is I walked in a 5K on the 22nd and again on the 29th, and my hip did great. To a man, like you, who can run 100 miles at a time, that's nothing. But for me it is an accomplishment that I wouldn't have achieved without the surgery you provided through the clinic. I'm truly grateful for your care.


KAREN O 1/29/2012

To show my appreciation for the wonderful care I received from Dr Bright, his staff, and the gang at SMH where I had my knee replaced, I confronted my camera shyness to post a video note. Copy and paste the web url.


P. B.

Total Hip 3/8/2013: My husband and I had visited four other orthopedic surgeons regarding my necessary hip replacement. Upon meeting Dr. Bright, we decided that he was the doctor of choice, and how right we were. Immediately, he made us feel comfortable regarding the many questions I had, and later more questions that my husband had meeting the doctor alone. My hip operation went very smoothly, the incision being on the side. Pain was never a problem with me. I never felt any pain. From day one, Dr. Bright was thoughtful, and did everything to put me at ease. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Bright and his office staff. The pines rehabilitation center that Dr. Bright recommended was again the best choice. We had looked at four other rehabilitation centers, and chose the one recommended by Dr. Bright. I wanted treatment to concentrate on me getting better; the best therapy, not so much the food or the room decor. 27 days of being cared for, and the staff could not have been more patient with me or taken the job more diligently. I guess that is what I needed! All in all, I never heard one bad word about Dr. Bright, and I went around and around. The other hip? Dr. Bright would be my one and only choice.


D. W. 4/12/13

Went to full tennis and racquetball this week, just 2 months and 3 weeks after a full knee replacement. It was a remarkable experience: no holding back on going after the ball, no pain or twinges, no soreness or swelling afterwards. My knee is 100% and so is my satisfaction. My thanks for helping to make this possible.


D.W. 11/19/2013

Dr. Bright: Thank you for a second perfect knee! Although meds were not right (without Celebrex) the first week, ever since then the recovery has been way beyond my hopes. I would compare the new knee after two weeks with the other one at two or even three months. It looks like tennis may be realistic in only two months. Thanks again.



11/27/2013: It's hard to put into words how much you have helped our family. You replaced both of of Brian's knees, and fixed both of his hands (carpal tunnel). Our family took a bicycle ride today, and it was great! The milestones Brian is making with his new knees is amazing. He smiles everyday now.


L.D. 2/5/2014

Dr. Bright: I just wanted to express my gratitude for everything that was done for the recovery of my knee (anterior cruciate ligament/ACL reconstruction surgery). It has been seven months since my surgery, and I surprise myself with the recovery. I am so very happy and grateful! Thank you ALL very much.



2/1/2015: It is about 4 months since Dr. Bright replaced my knee. Only 2 months after surgery, I very gingerly got back into tennis. One month later, I started playing matches in team tennis. My knee works GREAT! After I overcame my fear, I realized that I can run without pain. Now I play tennis 4 times a week, and sometimes for 2-3 hours a time. Also, I do Pilates and weight training both twice a week and take a spin class once a week. All this work has helped me recover to be healthier and stronger than I have been for years. The surgery and rehab work caused me to lose 20 lbs, and I continue to work hard to keep it off. None of this would have been possible without your amazing work. Thank You!


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