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If you have shoulder pain and weakness or trouble raising your arm, you may have a rotator cuff injury. And if your injury involves a torn tendon, chances are you’ll need rotator cuff repair to restore optimal strength and movement. At Schofield, Hand and Bright Orthopaedics in Sarasota, Florida, Brian Schofield, MD, and Adam Bright, MD, specialize in shoulder arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure that allows you to go home the same day as your surgery. To learn more about rotator cuff repair, call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.

Rotator Cuff Repair Q&A

When might I need rotator cuff repair?

Your rotator cuff refers to a group of four muscles and the tendons that attach each muscle to your shoulder bones. These soft tissues sustain extensive wear and tear as they hold your arm in the shoulder joint and support the full range of motion.

Rotator cuff strains occur when you partially or completely tear a tendon. This type of shoulder injury can develop due to an acute injury, when lifting a heavy object, or over time as you repeat the same movements.

A mild or partial rotator cuff tear may improve with anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, and physical therapy. If a partial tear doesn’t improve or you have a severe tendon tear, your provider at Schofield, Hand and Bright Orthopaedics recommends surgical repair.

Tendons don’t heal well on their own. As a result, surgery is often essential to restore strength, prevent shoulder instability, and regain optimal movement.

What happens during arthroscopy for a rotator cuff repair?

Dr. Bright or Dr. Schofield performs your rotator cuff repair using an outpatient procedure called shoulder arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique that only requires 3-4 small incisions.

Your provider inserts a narrow arthroscope through one incision. The scope holds a camera that transmits a high-definition video of your joint to a monitor.

Then he inserts slim surgical instruments through the other incisions. By viewing your injured tendons on the monitor and manipulating the tools from outside your body, your surgeon safely repairs your rotator cuff.

What should I expect during recovery from a rotator cuff repair?

Most patients only spend 3-4 hours at the outpatient clinic, and then they go home the same day. If you develop any problems, you may need to stay in the hospital overnight.

You should expect pain for the first few days. Your provider prescribes pain medications, and then you have a follow-up appointment in two days. 

You can walk as soon as you recover from the anesthesia, but your shoulder is immobilized for about six weeks. After six weeks, you start physical therapy and gradually rebuild strength and regain movement. You can return to your activities in 3-4 months, but it can take up to one year before your shoulder feels like it’s back to normal. 

If you have questions about rotator cuff repair, call Schofield, Hand and Bright Orthopaedics or book an appointment online today.