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Thank you for choosing Schofield, Hand & Bright Orthopaedics to be your health care choice. Our goal is to meet all of your expectations and to make your experience a positive one.

After you have had a consult with one of our orthopedic surgeons, our surgery scheduler will then give you a surgery date and time. You need to keep that entire day open on your schedule, as times may change.

Our staff will make all the arrangements to schedule your surgery including obtaining prior authorization from your medical insurance. It is also the patient's responsibility to verify that the planned facility (hospital or surgery center) is in their health insurance provider's network.

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Your surgery will be performed at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Cape Surgery Center or Advanced Surgery Center.

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The staff at Schofield, Hand & Bright will do all the work to schedule your surgery. We will obtain preauthorization from your insurance company, coordinate preoperative blood work and medical clearance if necessary, and give you several choices with respect to your date of surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the scheduling team at 941-921-2600 ext. 226.

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  1. If you are over 45 yrs old, you will need medical clearance from your primary care physician and/or cardiologist. Please make that appointment as soon as possible. Your PCP will fax us the information requested in the medical clearance letter.
  2. You will receive a call from the hospital preadmissions nurse before surgery. She will obtain information that will put you into their information system.
  3. If you take blood thinning medication, (aspirin, Motrin, Aleve or other NSAID's, Plavix, Coumadin or Aggrenox) discuss this with your doctor before surgery. We often need to coordinate discontinuing such drugs with your PCP or cardiologist before your procedure.
  4. If you are having knee surgery, you will need a pair of crutches. Please practice with the crutches before surgery and bring them with you to the hospital but leave them in the car. If you cannot borrow crutches, let us know so that we may give you a prescription to obtain them prior to surgery. If you feel unstable using crutches ... a walker may be of more help to you.

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For your safety and comfort please follow these instructions:

  1. DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight on the day of surgery. The only exception is: If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, heart, seizure, respiratory or psychotic problems, please take your morning dose with a small amount of water. If you are diabetic, do not take any oral diabetic meds and if you are Insulin controlled, do not take any Regular or 70/30 Insulin. If you are on a long acting Insulin, take ½ of your morning dose and notify your admissions nurse that you have done so.
  2. If you are scheduled at Sarasota Memorial or Doctors Hospital, you will need to arrive 2 hours prior to surgery. If you are scheduled at an out patient facility, you will need to arrive 1 hour prior to your surgery. You will receive a call from our surgery scheduler or nurse to confirm the estimated time, as it is subject to change.
  3. Leave jewelry and all other valuables at home. Bring a case for your glasses and hearing aids. Do not wear contact lenses or make-up.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. If you are being admitted after surgery, bring a robe, slippers and toiletries in a small bag. If possible, leave them in the car to be brought to your room by family/friends after surgery.
  5. If you were given a Medication Profile Sheet, bring it with you. On it, please list all prescribed, across-the-counter and herbal medications. Also bring any prescribed inhalers or nitroglycerine pills if you use them.

Approximately 30 minutes before surgery, you will be taken to the pre-operative room where you will meet your anesthesiologist. Once again, confirmation of your identity, your understanding of the surgical procedure and the correct surgical site are reviewed.

Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you to and from the hospital. You will not be permitted to drive yourself after surgery.

If you become ill or must reschedule your surgery for any reason, notify your physician immediately .

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us immediately at (941) 921-2600.

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